Wednesday, February 13, 2013

{ 'Ibetta' you want some cash back! }

I know we all like to earn cash back on the items we buy. If you sign up for a credit card through your bank (and your bank offers it), you can get cash back on gas, groceries or other items. While these options are nice, there is a new way to get cash back within the app world! This is where Ibotta comes in!

Ibotta is a FREE app that you can download onto your smartphone (Android and iPhone) and even your iPad that allows you to get cash back on the groceries and other items you buy. 

How does it work?

First, you will want to download the app. Did I mention it is FREE? Next, you will want to sign up for an account. It's very simple and takes only a few minutes. You can either do so through your Facebook account, or your email - whichever you prefer.

After you sign up for an account, start going through the various offers and click on items you know you will buy. Do this by clicking on the pink "Earn [insert amount]" button below the items.

When you click on an offer, there can be two to three 'tasks' you complete in order for you to earn the cash back amount. These 'tasks' can range from taking a poll such as "When was the last time you bought this product?" and it will give you four options. Other tasks include sharing it on Facebook or watching a quick video. You have to complete all of the offers in order to receive the full cash back amount, but if you only want to complete one or two offers that works as well. As you complete the tasks, the amount you have to redeem will appear at the bottom of your screen.

Now it is time to go shopping! Yes, you can pair coupons with the items you added to your Ibotta list. You will still earn the full amount (based on how many tasks you completed) and the coupon will not affect the cash back offer. Make sure you keep your receipt handy because you will need it to submit to receive your cash back!

Taking a picture of your receipt is extremely simple and even has an option to 'add a section' if your receipt is very long. Simply place the receipt on a flat surface and snap a picture of the entire thing, or only a small section if you have a bigger receipt. If you have a bigger receipt, simply hit 'add a section' and it will save all the pictures you snap of your receipt. Please be aware you have to take pictures of your ENTIRE receipt - not just of the sections that have your redeemable items!

The second part of verification involves you scanning the bar code of the item(s) you bought. After this, you're done! Just hit submit and you will receive your notification of cash back fairly soon if everything is verified and you followed all of these steps. I submitted my first transaction and not even an hour later I had my cash back! You can have the money transferred at any time to a PayPal account or you can donate it to a school. It's that simple and it's that fast! I highly recommend it!

The more you use this app the more personalized the offers become. As soon as you submit a receipt and it's verified, new offers will pop up in the place of the redeemed offers. 

Ibotta is just another great way to save even more on the items you purchase!

I was not compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

{ Coupon Code for Lyladee Etsy Shop! }

Hello readers!

Today I would like to share with you a coupon code for an Etsy shop by the name of Lyladee. Sarah, from Our Journey, contacted me and asked if I would share with you the code for this lovely shop!

Lyladee is a shop that specializes in burlap banners for any and all occasions. 

A burlap banner with five triangles is only $10.00 + shipping. You can even get FREE SHIPPING if you spend $40.00 or more. 

You must be a ready of Our Journey to use the 15% discount and you can find the post about this shop with the coupon code HERE.

If you have any questions please let me know!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

{ Bloglovin' }

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that I have signed up for Bloglovin'.
If you would like to follow me, you can do so at the following link: 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I am currently working on my shopping trips this week...I have already spotted a number of great deals that I cannot wait to pick up!

Until next time!


Friday, February 8, 2013

{ FREE Pepsi Next 2 Liter! }

Hurry to load this AWESOME coupon for a FREE 2 liter bottle of Pepsi Next at Kroger!

Add this electronic coupon directly onto your Kroger Plus Card and use it next time you need to pick up some soda! Get it completely FREE! Note that it expires February 23, 2013. 

If you need to create an online account, go here and you can sign up for an account and plug in the information from your Kroger Plus Card...that way you can start earning even more awesome deals!

(Thanks Kroger Krazy!)

{ Impromptu trip to Kroger! }

A couple weekends ago my mom, my uncle and I went to visit my great aunt in Richmond, Kentucky. It is about an hour and a half drive from where we are, so the drive is a nice getaway but nothing too major. My great aunt, whom we shall call Aunt Jean from here on out (and some of you reading this probably know a little or a lot about good ol' AJ), has a Kroger about two minutes from her house. They just remodeled it recently and it has everything you can possible imagine in there. Furniture, Starbucks, a sushi bar, wider aisles...I mean my goodness it is really nice in there! I am really hoping that the Kroger just down the street from my house that is being remodeled will be done the same exact way. Crossing my fingers!

Now we have been inside the Kroger while it was being remodeled, but I had not seen it completely done. So Mom and I made a venture in there and I just happened to have my coupon binder with me...and yeah, you see where this is going. An impromptu trip to Kroger during the awesome Mega Sale! :D

Here is the breakdown of all the items I bought, how much they were, what coupon I used and how much I saved. We needed these items so I was very excited about being able to get such great deals on them. Some of the items I did not have coupons for, but they were at a stock up price (for me) so I felt comfortable getting said items without the coupon. I need to make another run to Kroger this week before the Mega Sale is over to pick up a few more food related items. I made a second trip to my Kroger at home to finish getting what I needed from the Mega Sale...but now, it's on to the breakdown of what I purchased on this trip!

  • (9) Kroger Pasta (8 shapes, 1 lasagna) - These normally run about $1.19 a piece, and usually are on sale for $1.00. However, they were marked down to .89 cents this particular sale week (except the lasagna which was about $2.35 - but I need it for a recipe!). I usually have a .45/2 Kroger store coupon for these, but this week I did not! Total paid: $9.47.

  • (2) Knorr Pasta Sides - $1.00 a piece (or 10/$10). I had a .50/2 e-coupon loaded to my Kroger Plus Card (note: e-coupons do NOT double [sadly!]). Total paid: $1.50

  • (1) Hefty Freezer Bags and (2) Hefty Quart Bags - These are normally about $3.45 a piece, but were marked down to $1.49 for the Mega Sale. All three would have been $10.35, but being marked down to $1.49 and using (3) $1.00/1 coupons made them .49 cents each! Total paid: $1.47

  • (2) Reynolds Aluminum Foil - We all know how aluminum foil can be expensive, so I usually stick to the store brand...but even that can be expensive too! Reynolds Aluminum Foil was a good deal for me during the sale, so I opted for the name brand this go round. For both packages it would have been $8.98 or $4.49 each. Being part of the Mega Sale made these $3.49 a piece and I had (2) .75/1 coupons, making them $2.74 a piece. Total paid: $5.48

  • (8) Febreze Car Air Freshener Clips - This is one item that I really like to use because they make my car smell amazing. They last longer than the air fresheners you hang on your rear view mirror and work better too. They clip on to an air vent and have an adjustable setting depending on how strong you want the scent. I usually buy these at CVS or Rite Aid because Kroger's prices on these are normally $4.99! Anytime that I can get them for $1.50 or under is great because that's by stock up price. These were not part of the Mega Sale, but were marked down to $2.50 each! What great timing because I had some awesome coupons to go along with it! I used (4) $2.00/2 coupons making them $1.50 each! Total paid: $12.00

  • (3) Quaker Chewy Granola Bars - I am like a kid when it comes to these haha. They are great for a quick snack at work and are easy to throw in your purse and go. I usually try to get these when they are under $2.50 and with the Mega Sale I could get them for $2.39 each. They normally run for $2.89 a piece. Total paid: $7.17

  • (2) Kleenex Hand Towels - I normally only buy these when I can get these under $2.00 and I only but them every once in a while. They were part of the Mega Sale which meant that they were going to be a pretty good price. Plus I had (2) .50/1 coupons which doubled to $ like this for this item are extremely rare! With the Mega Sale they were $2.79 each, but with my doubled coupons they were only $1.79 each! Total paid: $3.58

  • (1) Kroger Olive Oil - I did not have any coupons for this but it was the cheapest kind I could find because we use olive oil all the time and we were out. Total paid: $4.39

  • (3) Finish Gel Dishwasher Packs - Is it possible to get some more coupons for these like the ones that just came out? The $2.15/1 coupons? Because those were fantastic. I wish I would have picked up some more newspapers just to get these coupons, but I did not. This particular pack I bought is normally $8.09 a PACK. $8.09!! That's crazy. Since they were part of the Mega Sale, they were marked down to $5.99. Throw in the $2.15/1 coupon and you have yourself paying $3.84 a pack. That's close to being half off the original price! Total paid: $11.52

Now here comes the fun part!

Total before coupons and sales: $108.92
Total savings (includes coupons and sales): $57.45. See below how this total breaks down:
  • Manufacturer coupons: $20.45
  • Bonus coupon savings: $1.00
  • Kroger Plus Savings: $36.00
Total spent OOP (Out of pocket): $51.47
Percentage savings: 54%!!!
Anytime you can get your savings 40% and above is great!

Please let me know if you see any problems with the math or if you have any questions about anything. I would be happy to help you in any way!


P.S.: You may notice some changes going on around the blog for the next couple days...stay tuned!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

{ Save $5 on an iTunes Gift Card! }

If you use iTunes Gift Cards or know someone who does, you will want to hurry and add this coupon to your Kroger Plus Shopping card quick!

Save $5.00 when you buy a $25 iTunes Gift Card!

Just sign in to your online Kroger account, click on "Coupons" and it should be the first one listed. Click "Load to Card" and you're set! 

If you need to create an account, make sure you are signed up for a Kroger Plus Card and then input the data from your card here! It only takes a few seconds to sign up for an online account and you can gain access to more digital coupons! (Please note that this coupon will also apply to any Kroger affiliates.) 

Thanks Kroger Krazy!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

{Snuggle Saturday - Superbowl! }


1. Do you watch the actual game or only watch for commercials and half time?
Yes, I actually watch the game! I am a big fanatic for both college and professional football (more college, though). The commercials are just a little something extra!

2. Which team did you want to make it to the Superbowl?
I would have liked to have seen the Denver Broncos make it because I really like Peyton Manning.

3. Which team will you root for? The Ravens or the 49ers?
I am going to be rooting for the 49ers because David Akers is on the team and he went to college at my alma mater ;)

Who are you rooting for this weekend?

Friday, February 1, 2013

{ Kroger Yogurt Coupon! }

I just received an email for the following coupon!:

For those who have a Kroger (or any Kroger affiliate store) in their area, head on over to the Kroger website to load a coupon for Kroger brand yogurt!

If you buy any THREE Kroger CARBmasters yogurt, you can get one FREE! 

This coupon will be loaded directly to your Kroger Plus Card. (Note: Not valid in CA, LA, NV or TN. You cannot use a paper coupon with an electronic coupon.)
If you need to register your Kroger Plus Card with an online account, go here and you can set up an account and receive even more great coupons!

{ CVS Haul }

One of the items I really enjoy using with my laundry is Downy Unstoppables. They provide a long lasting fresh scent after your clothes are washed and dried that I was instantly hooked the first time I tried a sample. They go on sale every once in awhile, so when I have coupons and they are at a good price I stock up so it will last me. A new smaller size has come out recently that is only about $1 or $2 cheaper than the larger size...and if I remember correctly it's pretty much considered a trial size? It bothers me, but hey. Nothing I can do about it. I'll just stick with getting the regular, original size for almost 50% off. :)

This week CVS was the store to have my favorite laundry item on sale and I had some great coupons to match up with it. CVS also had a great deal on Febreze Car Clips, which I only get if I can get them at at least $1.50 or less.

  • (4) Downy Unstoppables in Fresh Scent - regularly $8.99 (CRAZY!) on sale for $5.99. I used (4) $1.00/1 any Downy coupons. Total paid: $19.96 (or $4.99 each).
  • (1) Febreze Car Clip in Hawaiian Aloha Scent - regularly $3.79, on sale for $2.99. I used a $1.00/1 coupon from a P&G promotional book that I received in the mail. I was only able to get one of these because it was the only one left and they did not have any more in the back. Total paid: $1.99.
Subtotal: $21.95
Total after tax (6%): $21.95 + $1.62 = $23.57
I did have a $10 gift card from a previous transaction that I applied to this order.
Total after $10 gift card: $23.57 - $10.00 = $13.57.
Total had there not been any sales or coupons: $31.27.
I received $5 extra bucks for the purchases, so *technically* I paid only $8.57.

If you have any questions or you see an issue with the math, please let me know. My next post will be about an impromptu trip to Kroger! I really scored at the Mega Sale and I need to make another trip before the great deals end tomorrow.

Take care and until next time!