Tuesday, November 19, 2013

{ Kroger Skillet Meals - On the table in no time at all }

Before you know it, the holidays are here. It has not even been Thanksgiving yet and the radio stations are already playing Christmas music...crazy, right?! And then comes to mind all of the things you must get accomplished before family and friends come over to celebrate the holidays. You are worried about what food you are going to serve, presents to buy and a myriad of other things you know you absolutely have to get done. In the craziness of the holidays, what are you supposed to do about the in-between meals? The meals that are leading up to the big day? Who wants to spend even more time in the kitchen trying to come up with something for dinner? This is where Kroger Skillet Meals come in.

Kroger Skillet Meals are the perfect answer to the dinners that fall on days that come between holidays. They take minimal time to prepare - they are ready to eat in just TEN minutes! TEN MINUTES! Now how many meals can you say accomplish that? There are several different flavors of skillet meals. These flavors include Tuscan-Style Penne, Chicken Fajitas, Sorrento-Style Gnocchi, Shrimp Lo Mein and Sausage Rigatoni. I decided on the Tuscan-Style Penne because it has one of my favorite vegetables in it - asparagus. Yum! The main ingredients for the Tuscan-Style Penne included grilled chicken breast, asparagus and sun-dried tomatoes in a roasted garlic cream sauce. I absolutely love anything that has garlic in it, so this was another reason why I was excited to try this flavor. All of the ingredients were very fresh and delicious - you would never even guess that the meal comes frozen. Each meal comes with two servings so it is the right amount for two people.

This meal was paired with a Kroger Salad Kit and Kroger Garlic Bread. The salad kit comes with everything I like to eat with my salad - dressing, cheese and bacon bits. There was enough for two people to have a nice sized salad. I just threw all of the ingredients into a salad bowl, mixed them together and let each person decide on how much dressing they wanted. I really enjoy having a salad with almost every meal, so having this kit was fantastic. The lettuce was already cut up, the cheese and bacon bits were ready to just be mixed in with the lettuce...delicious! The garlic bread was ready in ten minutes as well, which really pleased me. I thought maybe I was going to have to put it in the oven a few minutes before I started cooking the skillet meal, but no! Both items were ready at the same time. I am so used to spending at least thirty minutes, if not more, on preparing a dinner each night. The Kroger Skillet Meal and sides were absolutely refreshing and reminds me that yes, you can have a meal ready to eat in no time flat!

If you are looking for a quick meal that offers you ingredients that are delicious, ready in ten minutes and enjoyed by your entire family, look to Kroger Skillet Meals and sides. You will certainly make these staple items when you go grocery shopping!

I am a member of BzzAgent and received all items mentioned in this post for free. While I received all of these items for free, all opinions are my own. 

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