Friday, December 21, 2012

{ Coupon Database is up and going! }

Thanks to some major help from a blessed friend - Beth (Powdered Plum) - the coupon database that I have been working on for the past day and a half is finally up and going! Beth wins all the prizes! :) (Also, go check out her blog by clicking her name above!)

Just click the tab at the top of the page labeled 'Coupon Database' and you're on your way to finding every available coupon. The database is updated regularly to remove expired coupons and it also tells you all available information about the coupons (i.e., date, insert location, etc.)

I'm going to play with the colors to make it a little easier on the eyes, but I am certain I want it to match the colors of the blog. 

If you have any questions or notice something is off, please let me know!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

{ KitchenAid Mixer for $152?! }

I am happy to report that I am officially a graduate of the University of Louisville with a Bachelor of Arts in History, concentration in Humanities. I am extremely excited and relieved that I will not have to write any more research papers, lug around tote bags full of library research books and not study for any more tests! The ceremony was very beautiful and of course we took loads of pictures in which I cannot wait to see.

As a result, I am looking forward to posting on a more frequent and better schedule for this blog. I appreciate the patience while I worked through my last semester!

Anyway, on to the real point of this post:

Yes! You read the title correctly! I finally was able to buy myself a KitchenAid mixer in the color I've always wanted - Green Apple. If you are interested in how I was able to get a $450 mixer for $152, read on!

I read about the deal on one of my favorite blogs I love called Couponing to Disney. The original post about the deal can be found here. However,  I guess you could say I modified the deal just a smidge. Instead of getting the smaller 4.5 quart mixer only in white for $100, I went ahead and got the bigger 5 quart mixer in the color I wanted for a $150. Combined Black Friday sales, the awesome Ebates website and coupon codes snagged me this really awesome deal!

First off, if you do not have an Ebates account you will want to go ahead and sign up now - especially if you are still doing your Christmas shopping online! This website is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and the way it works is that stores pay Ebates to direct people to them. Ebates receives a commission from your purchase(s) and then turns around and gives you a percentage back. There are numerous stores that give you cash back, and I actually just received a check from Ebates yesterday for my mixer. A total check for $31.77! I highly recommend you sign up for an account and get started on saving even more money - you can even receive a $10 gift card or a $5 cash bonus when you do! Sign up for an account.*

Once I had my Ebates account set up, I searched for Kohl's, which was the store offering this awesome deal. At the particular time I did this deal there was an offering of 10% cash back for Kohl's (normally about 6%). Next, I clicked on the orange "Shop Now" button which generated a new window and started my 'tracking ticket'. This allows for Ebates to give you your cash back. If you decide to close the browser window or shop from a different browser window other than the one you opened the tracking ticket with, IT WILL NOT give you your cash back. The window you opened your tracking ticket with has to be the one you make your purchase through. 

I found my mixer that already had all of the attachments with it and added it to my cart. It was originally $449.99, but Kohl's had it on sale for $349.99. When I added it to my cart, the price dropped to $314.99 ($35 off). I used the coupon code BLACKFRI for 15% off, bringing the price down to $267.74 (or another $47.25 off). I had to pay $7.50 for a shipping surcharge and $16.51 in tax, making my out of pocket grand total $291.75. Now, here comes the fun part!

I received $75 in Kohl's cash to use on a future purchase, so the $291.75 was now down to $216.75. I submitted a $30 rebate which brought the total down to $186.75. With my 10% Ebates cash back on the $291.75 total, I received $29.00, bringing the total down to $157.75. I also received a $5 Ebates bonus in lieu of the $10 gift card, so my actual 'cost' for the mixer was $152.75!

The $30 rebate through the KitchenAid company also allowed you to get a free subscription to either Food & Wine or Travel + Leisure magazine. I went with Food & Wine. :) 

I understand that this is quite a bit of information, so I hope that if you have any questions you will not hesitate to comment or contact me. I cannot wait to post about the next deal!


*Please note that the link to sign up for an Ebates account is my referral link. Signing up for an account means I receive a $25 bonus from Ebates for my first referred sign up, and $5 for every sign up after that. All opinions of Ebates are 100% my own and I was not paid. You do not have to use my referral link if you do not want to, although it would be greatly appreciated ;).

Sunday, November 18, 2012

{Weekly Haul: CVS}

Today I went to CVS to snatch up some awesome FREE deals before everyone else could grab them all. ;) But sometimes even going early on a Sunday does not mean you're going to get everything...even when they have a "Limit 1 per person" deal in place. 

Please know that I am not complaining about this. I really do like having the 1 per person deal in place. I'm just using it as an example to a) always have some back up deals just in case and b) you're not always going to get everything you planned for with your shopping trips!

Now, on to the deal breakdown....

  • (1) Shick Hydro Shaving Gel - $4.19 (regular price) - (1) .75 manufacturer coupon = $3.44 out of pocket and I received a $2.00 extra buck.
  • (1) Coca Cola - 99 cents. No coupons but received a .99 cent extra buck.
  • (1) Powerade 32oz. - $1.00. No coupons but received a $1.00 extra buck.
  • (2) Right Guard Deodorants - $2.99 x 2 = $5.98 - $2.00/2 coupon = $3.98. Received a $4.00 extra buck.
  • (1) Charmin Basic Single Toilet Paper Roll - .99 cents - (1) .25/1 manufacturer coupon = .74 cents and I received a .99 extra buck.
  • (1) Kleenex 3 pack tissues wallet = .99 cents. No coupons but I received a .99 extra buck.
  • (1) Thermacare Back and Hip wrap 1 count - $3.49. No coupons but I received a $3.49 extra buck.
  • (1) 3M Command Single Hook - .99 cents - $1.00 manufacturer coupon, so FREE! And I received a .99 cent extra buck.
Total out of pocket: $11.71
Total before any coupons/sales/promotions: $29.00
Received $15.46 in extra bucks, so this transaction was a $3.75 money maker!

As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! Also, if you see any math errors let me know. ;) 


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Giveaway Winner!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to drop in and say hello :)

Do you all remember the Living Well, Spending Less giveaway I posted about in September? Here is the post I made about it:

I just wanted to let you all know that I was one of the winners! I ended up winning one of the three MEMBERSHIPS! A $199 value! I'm very excited about this as I have been wanting to further my financial goals - in addition to the couponing I do!

My plan is to start this in January so I will have a fresh year and not have to worry about school taking over everything.

Until next time!


Friday, September 28, 2012

Giveaway from Living Well Spending Less!

Hello! Long time, no post! I apologize for this and I hope to get back into the swing of things when I graduate from college this December. I will be SO glad when I reach that milestone. I'm ready to be done! :)

One of the amazing blogs I follow is known as Living Well, Spending Less. Today's post features a pretty awesome giveaway and I would like to share it with you all. 

The prizes are as follows:
-Win one of three Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University memberships, or
-Win one of five Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University starter envelopes.

Go here to enter the giveaway:

This is a really neat giveaway opportunity and I hope you'll enter to win!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{Weekly Haul: Target, Meijer & Walmart}

I went to Target, Meijer and Walmart this past Saturday, and I wanted to share with you all the haul I picked up. I'll break down each purchase store by store and then include the coupons I used for the transaction. 

 The first store I went to was Walmart because I wanted to get it out of the way. I had my first bad experience here with coupons a little while ago and I took away several things from it. I was determined to overcome it and see that a positive experience could occur here and that you are not always going to have smooth sailing. Everything turned out fine. I've learned to only use the u-scan registers at Meijer only and at other stores to go to a regular register. Bonus points to Meijer for allowing customers who use the u-scan to scan their own coupons.

For some reason, the thought of separating out the items by store and then taking the picture never crossed my mine. Maybe the items just look better all grouped together? Maybe it is more exciting that way? I am going to go with that reason, haha. 

Meijer - OOP (out of pocket): $22.47. WHB (would have been): $44.89. Total savings: $22.42 or 52%.

  • (1) Maybelline Foundation: $8.19 - $2.00 Meijer electronic coupon = $6.19.
  • (3) Splenda Sweetner: 3 at $4.92/each, for a total of $14.76 - (3) $2.00 manufacturer coupons = $8.76.
  • (1) Strawberries (carton): $1.67. [No coupons].
  • (1) Cheerios cereal: $2.50 - $1.00 manufacturer coupon = $1.50.
  • (4) Quaker Granola bars: $8.00 - (2) $1.00 manufacturer coupons = $6.00
  • As a perk for signing up via text for Meijer electronic coupons, a '$2.00 off your next order' was added to my account.

Total: $22.47.

Walmart - OOP: $8.67. WHB: $26.28. Total savings: $17.61 or 33%.

  • (5) Band-Aids: 5 at $1.97/each, for a total of $9.85 - (5)$1.00 manufacturer coupons = $4.85.
  • (3) Reach Floss: 3 at .97 cents each, for a total of $2.91 - (3) $1.00 manufacturer coupons = FREE! (overage applied to rest of order).
  • (1) Nivea Lotion: $2.97 - (1) $2.00 manufacturer coupon = .97 cents!
  • (2) packs of staples [I have been needing this desperately. Unfortunately, no coupons for these!]: .94 cents each, for a total of $1.88.
Total: $8.67.

Target - OOP: $15.31. WHB: $32.26. Total savings: $16.95 or 47%.
  • (1) Glade aerosol: .99 cents - $1.00 manufacturer coupon = FREE!
  • (1) Glade Expressions starter kit and (1) refill: (1) manufacturer coupon - "Buy 1 Glade Expressions starter kit and receive a free refill [up to $3.99]: $3.99
  • (1) Oatmeal Real Medleys: $1.79 - (1) .50 cents off manufacturer coupon = $1.29
  • (2) Edy's Fruit Bars: $3.25 each, for a total of $6.50 - (2) $1.00 coupons = $2.25 each.
  • (4) Reach Floss: 4 at .97 cents each, for a total of $3.88 - (4) $1.00 manufacturer coupons = FREE!
  • Special Promotion - Buy (3) Greenworks Clorox Wipes and receive a FREE Greenworks Clorox Dish soap. (3) Greenworks Clorox wipes at $2.36 each, for a total of $7.08 - $2.29 for the free dish soap and (1) .50 cents coupon and (1) $1.00/2 Greenworks Clorox products = $7.58
Total: $15.31.

Total out of pocket spent for all stores combined: $46.45
Total of what it would have been without coupons/promotions/sales: $103.43
Total saved: $56.98 or 45%.

My next haul post is going to be my shopping trip to Kroger, which occured today (5/8/12). If you have any questions about this post, please do not hesitate to comment!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

{Cutting Coupons}

Working on coupons at the moment! I am also working on a post that breaks down my binder to show you how I organize my coupons. 


I have only recently been in the couponing game, but I have come to realize very quickly that it is a difficult skill to know how to do. However, that does not last long. Once you understand how it works, it becomes second hand. When I first started, I wanted to go out and grab every single deal available to me. However, this quickly became a lot to deal with since I was in school full time and working part time. Some days I wish I could just live a "stay at home mom" lifestyle (without the mom part right now!) and be able to dedicate a good amount of my time to couponing. I realize that may sound crazy, but it's honestly how I feel. Maybe the future will lead me down that path. I truly enjoy couponing and I hope that this blog will help offer some insight into saving money and maybe even inspire you to coupon! :]

I have only been couponing for four months now. I started at the beginning of January 2012. Something switched on and in my head and it was like, "I want to start couponing." Usually when something like this happens, I throw myself into whatever it is completely, and this was no different. Yes, I had seen the crazy 'Extreme Couponing' show on TLC and was baffled by how a small, simple sheet of paper cut from a newspaper I had never really paid any attention to could save a person such a significant amount of money on groceries. And being able to get items for free? FOR FREE? Really? It was absolutely mind blowing, and I wanted to get in on it. 

From watching the show, I knew I needed to buy: a) Sunday newspapers and b) a binder to keep all those money saving pieces of paper in. I am someone who researches everything before committing to buying it (thanks, Grandpa<3) and even something as small as a purchase of a binder was included in that scrutiny. I wanted to make sure that I was going to be obtaining the right materials in order to be completely successful with my new adventure of couponing. From what I found out, getting a zipper binder was one of the many routes you could take in regards to organizing your coupons. Although it is highly recommended you play around see what is best for you. I like to organize my binder by category. Others like to organize their system by expiration date. It all depends on who you are as a person and what suits you as a person! Do not be afraid to try several different options until you find the route that is right for you! :]

I realize that there are several (okay, more than several) blogs out there that relate to couponing, but a few people that I know have asked me how I go about couponing and are interested in trying it for themselves. If you decide to take on this adventure, start small! Any savings = a good thing! Do not become distressed if you are not seeing the 50% or more savings on your first few shopping trips. Once you become more used to couponing, you will start to see your savings increase. Some people go all out and try to grab deals from every store. Others pick two or three and stay with those. Whatever route you plan to take, just keep focused and stay the course.

I'm happy to share what I know and what I have learned in my journey to never pay full retail price for anything ever again! Remember: any savings is good!