Wednesday, March 5, 2014

{ Tone Body Wash - Leaves your skin hydrated and smelling wonderful! }

I have always been the type of person to want to try out new products that come out - specifically beauty related products. Every time something new comes out on the market that interests me, I know there is most likely going to be a good value coupon that usually comes out about the same time, giving me the opportunity to either try it for free or at a great price. That way, if I buy it, try it out and do not end up liking it, I do not feel like I spent a fortune on something I only used once and did not like. However, this happens very rarely and more often than not I really enjoy the new products that I try. Such is the case with Tone Body Wash.

Tone Body Wash in 'Petal Soft' is a fantastic body wash in more ways than one. First off, I really like the packaging. The bottle is easy to pick up and hold in the shower, which may sound strange but I know it is an important feature to a lot of people. The lid snaps right open so you are not trying to finagle to get the bottle open. The design of the bottle is really pretty as well. Each scent of body wash has it's own color and design and I really like that.

The 'Petal Soft' scent body wash goes a long way - you only need a little bit to have your skin feeling wonderful and lightly scented. Another feature that I really liked about this body wash was that the scent stayed on my skin even after I left the shower. Many body washes do not do this, so this was a major bonus. I do not want to just smell the body wash when I am in the shower - I want to the scent to stay even when I am out! While the scent does last, it is not overpowering at the same time - also a major plus!

The 'Petal Soft' scent contains pink peony and rose oil with vitamin E, which contributes to my skin feeling soft and moisturized after I use it. It is hard not to think you are not at the spa because of it's hydrating qualities and wonderful scent. I have sensitive skin, so having a body wash that does not have an overpowering smell, yet still makes my skin feel good, is a must. Tone Body Wash in 'Petal Soft' definitely receives a ten out of ten from me!

I highly recommend that you give the Tone Body Wash line a try if you have not experienced it already. There are numerous scents to choose from - Vino Moisture (this one has crushed grapes (!), shea butter and vitamin E), Mango Splash, Oatmeal and Shea Butter and Ocean Therapy - just to name a few. It would be difficult to not find a scent you did not end up liking. 'What if I don't like body wash and prefer a bar of soap instead?' you may ask. Well, Tone has that covered! You can find all of these wonderful scents in a bar soap in addition to the body washes. Another plus for Tone!

If you do decide to try this body wash line out for the first time, or it is the current brand you use, or you have used it in the past, please let me know your thoughts. I am interested to hear about the other scents and if you had a spa experience like I did when I used Tone Body Wash!

I am a member of BzzAgent and received all items mentioned in this post for free. While I received all of these items for free, all opinions are my own.