Thursday, March 19, 2015

{ Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash - A Miracle For Your Skin! }

You know that moment when you come across a product that you instantly love one hundred percent? A product that you know you will be on future shopping lists? Well, that is how I felt when I had the opportunity to try out the new Dial Miracle Oil body wash thanks to Purex! I instantly fell in love with the way the body wash smelled. The only way I know how to describe the scent is it smells like sugar cookies and fresh flowers. It is the perfect combination of those two scents that make this body wash smell AMAZING. The best part is that the scent stays on your skin long after you have finished your shower. Not all body washes that have a great scent stick with you and stay on your skin. This one does and I could just bathe in it all the time!

Not only does this body wash smell amazing and the scent stick with you, it makes your skin feel so soft and moisturized. The key ingredient in the body wash that makes this possible is Marula Oil. I had never even heard of Marula Oil until I had the opportunity to try out this body wash. It is apparently used for all kinds of things, including in cosmetics and even as a cooking oil for food! 

I always like how Dial puts a fact on the back of their body washes!

This body wash also does not affect my sensitive skin. This is very important to me because there are a lot of products I cannot use because of this. The moisturizing qualities of the Dial Miracle Oil body wash get the job done in a way that will not bother my sensitive skin. And now that winter is over with, I look forward to being able to moisturize my skin and for it to stay that way with this super moisturizing body wash. Now if I could just get this scent in a lotion or even a body spray...

You can find the Dial Miracle oil body wash at a local retailer near you and I encourage you to give it a try yourself. You will notice the great qualities this body wash has the first time you use it - the scent, the moisturizing may end up not wanting to leave your shower because it smells so good!

I received (1) bottle of Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash along with (3) coupons for (1) free bottle of Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash to either give to friends or give out in a giveaway. I chose the former. While I received the body wash and coupons for free from Purex Insiders, all opinions are my own

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