Monday, February 9, 2015

{ Purex PowerShot - One dose and your laundry is done! }

My family has always been a Purex laundry detergent family. I grew up with my mother using Purex when she did our laundry and ever since I was old enough to do my own laundry, I've used Purex as well. It is so reasonably priced which is important to me since I coupon and am always on the hunt for the best bargain! Purex is also fantastic at fighting stains and is still gentle on clothes. 

We just recently returned from our yearly vacation to Walt Disney World and when we got back, there was a ton of laundry to wash! Not only is the vacation over we have to get all of our clothes washed and hung back up in the closet. A clear sign that we were back to reality!

When I received the opportunity to try a new, never before seen laundry detergent made by Purex, I was excited! I was certainly looking forward to the chance to try this product and it could not have arrived on my doorstep at a better time. I wanted to see if his new detergent would be up to the task of conquering the piles of laundry we had as its Purex predecessors have successfully done. The name of this new, not even on the shelves product? Purex Powershot Laundry Detergent! 

What immediately caught my eye was how the bottle was designed. This is where the name 'PowerShot' name comes in. The design allows for one super concentrated dose of laundry detergent to be dispensed in the top of the bottle. This dose equates to one regularly sized load of laundry. If you have a larger load of laundry, simply add two doses of the detergent to your wash. Now you do not have to worry about how much detergent measure. This is such a great time saver and eliminates the need for exact measuring. The bottle is also easy to handle and lightweight making for an even better laundry process.

The Purex Powershot Laundry Detergent was successful in getting my family's clothes clean and worked like the Purex detergent I know and love. Having the 'measuring cap' built into the bottle is a major plus as we do not have to worry about spilling the detergent or getting it all over our hands! This is such an innovative product and I can definitely see it hitting the shelves and standing up to the laundry detergent competition. Purex is leading the way in creating innovative solutions for laundry. I would highly recommend this product as it gets the job done and makes laundry much, much easier!


I received (1) bottle of Purex Powershot Laundry detergent along with (3) coupons for (1) free bottle of Purex Powershot Laundry Detergent to either give to friends or give out in a giveaway. I chose the former. While I received the laundry detergent and coupons for free from Purex Insiders, all opinions are my own. 

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