Thursday, August 14, 2014

{ Dial Coconut Waters with Tropical Mango Body Wash }

My family and I have always enjoyed going on vacation together to Florida, whether it be to Disney World, Panama Beach or Clearwater. This year however, we decided to go somewhere different. We chose to visit Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. My family has actually been to Myrtle Beach before, but it has been many years. This is my first time visiting here and I have really enjoyed our visit. We decided to stay in North Myrtle Beach, which is about ten minutes away from all the action, but we are close enough - ten minutes! - if we want to drive into the main part. Being right on the beach is fantastic and seeing the ocean as soon as you wake up is just wonderful. 

Now that I have gushed over loving the beach so much, I would love to tell you about the new Dial Coconut Water with Refreshing Mango body wash. When I received the Dial Coconut Water with Refreshing Mango body wash to review through Purex Insiders, I could not wait to try it out! I saved using it for when we left for our vacation because who would not want a coconut water with mango body wash experience while at the beach? The two scents are perfect for this! And just look at that photo of the beautiful waves rolling in for a picture perfect scene. I will definitely be reminiscing about it when I return to work in a little over a week!

Some people may not care what kind of body wash they use, or even think about what ingredients body washes have. However, if you are like me, there are several factors that I like for a body wash to have...the first one is it must not irritate my sensitive skin. As I have mentioned before on my blog, I have sensitive skin. I like when a product that I use caters to this and allows me to enjoy the product without it bothering my skin.  My skin gets irritated very easily, so I have to be careful about what I put on my skin. I had no issues with using this body wash and was pleased to find that I could use it without any problem.

See! I'm using the body wash but trying to conserve as much as I can so I can make it last ;) (I am also in love with the theme and decor of the place we are staying pretty!)

The second factor a body wash must have is moisturizing qualities. Not only do I not want a it to irritate my skin, but I also need a body wash that hydrates and moisturizes. No one wants itchy or rough skin after taking a nice bath or shower! Dial Coconut Water with Refreshing Mango contains moisturizers that leave your skin feeling wonderful. 

The third factor a body wash must have is that it must smell good and the scent must last long after you leave the bath. I have never been big on the taste of coconut, but I certainly do love the smell of it. I know as soon as I received the body wash, I tore into the box just so I could smell it! When you smell this body wash, you may or may not be instantly transported to a tropical island surrounded by coconut trees... ;) Dial Coconut Waters with Refreshing Mango leaves your skin smelling great and it stays on your skin for a good while!

I may be the only person who does this, but I always like to read the back of the bottles, whether it be shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. Something that I found interesting is that there was a fact about coconut water and it says "Coconut Water is found in young, green coconuts and known to be rich in antioxidants and electrolytes that help provide replenishing hydration." Coconut water is definitely a great, natural ingredient for you and your body!

You never know what you may read! I really enjoyed the fun fact.

I would certainly recommend this body wash if you are looking for one that moisturizes and has an amazing scent. Dial Coconut Water with Refreshing Mango is going to definitely become a staple in our household because I really enjoyed it. I am happy that I was able to use a great body wash that has refreshing scents and moisturizing qualities! And our vacation to Myrtle Beach is not bad either.. ;) 

I received (1) bottle of Dial Coconut Waters with Refreshing Mango along with (3) coupons for (1) free bottle of Dial Coconut Waters with Refreshing Mango body wash to either give to friends or give out in a giveaway. I chose the former. While I received the body wash and coupons for free from Purex Insiders, all opinions are my own. 

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